HOMETOWN: Charleston, South Carolina
FUN FACT: Can speak different languages, and is a University of North Texas graduate.

“THEE Black Diamond”, also known as the longest reigning Diamonds Division champion in ROW history, Ivory Robyn is anything but nice. She was presented the newly re-established Diamonds title after winning a match by WWE Hall of Famer Lita, and quickly started flaunting the title to anyone that would listen. She defended her home turf against all comers with her brash and cocky attitude, but since no one dethroned her for a long time, it was clear to see she was the most talented Diamond in the division. She now travels the world looking for more challenges abroad, capturing several titles outside of ROW and showing why she is the most fierce Diamond that ROW has ever produced
Will Ivory Robyn return to ROW soon and attempt to capture the Diamonds title for a second time to match her long time rival Kylie Rae as the only women to become 2-time Diamond Champions? You can only see it unfold on ROW on CW39!